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Available Services:

CNC Cutting, Etching, Shaping


- Shop Sabre CNC for Wood, Plastic and Foam

- 60"x96"X18" Work Area

- Suction Bed

- 10 Bit Tool Changer

Laser Cutting


- Trumpf Laser Cutter for Flat Metal Parts

- 10ftx10ft Work Area

-Cut sheet metal, plate, tubing, angle, I-beam, and channel

- Comes of the machine w/ clean edge

Plasma and Water Jet Cutting


Plasma Cutting for all metal types

10ftx10ft Work Area

Can cut up to 6" thick material

Great for a variety of metals (requires some finish work)

Comes off the machine with a slightly rough edge

Design Services

Let our staff guide you through the design process.  Our knowledge of the automated equipment we offer allows us to take your vision and find the most cost effective and practical solutions.  Contact us for more information.

Cnc machine working, cutting wood. Woodwork industry..jpg
“Automation is cost cutting by tightening the corners and not cutting them.”

Haresh Sippy

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