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Who We Are


CNC Philly was founded by Eliot Coven and Dan Christo. Eliot's background is in product design, architectural restoration, and sales. Dan is a natural maker and builder.  The CNC Philly team have years of tech and machine operating experience.  Frustrated by a lack of market accessibility of hi-tech machinery and software, Dan and Eliot set out to fix this problem by acquiring equipment and offering affordable services to their customers.  The response and support has been tremendous!

They continues to grow their customer base through honest business practices, hard work, and creative approaches to problem solving.

Our Mission

"We believe access to technology should not be a barrier to entry for the modern maker."

By providing access to automated equipment for our customers, we give them back the freedom to design without constraints.  

Core Values


Finding ways to minimize human output and replace this with machinery based solutions.


Fabricating projects for first timers as well as established companies


Educating our customers about the CNC design approach and being open and honest about our pricing

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